It’s Only a Theory?

Here while back I spoke of us going back to basics and in time.We are stepping back and getting a bigger picture of where we are and where we are going.We are growing our own food ,living a simplier life,cutting our bills altogether,learning the  old ways of DIY products.Entertaining ourselves outdoors instead of being glued to the T.V. or computer.Educating ourselves on history and how our ancestors did things.We used to wonder how they did it especially during hard times.Now we know.


Now the flip side and I’m not really saying anything good here.Remember that.We are going to get nailed sooner or later for this,if it hasn’t already started and in some cases it has.I’m talking about some of the new laws for homesteaders and gardeners and farms.They want us to depend on their poisoned foods because if they don’t poison the food we wouldn’t have the diseases we have now and we wouldn’t have to go see an expensive doctor and we wouldn’t have to have insurance.A.K.A. no money for them.I have found out that the good food will cost you.Go to the supermarket sometimes and price the organic stuff.You got a set amount on you to spend for food and you see some really tasty stuff in the organic section but you also see the prices.What you going to do?Most people go directly to the food that has been sprayed and buy it.Why is that?PRICE.

I have always thought that this was nuts.It’s a problem.So more people are combating it by growing their own.Our society lives on the standard of convience.It is to most when you can just go in and buy it instead of waiting for it to grow.Let me ask you this,what is the price of your health?How long you want to live?

So,I go to the local farmers market here while back,just a small  place and I am looking at the produce they have and I was stunned at what some people wanted for their stuff.I know from experience that it takes money to grow these things but I also know they have alot in their gardens and I personally think they are just trying to over price stuff.The mentality-if you want home grown then you will have to pay for it.I can not tell you how many times I have given food away without one thought of charging anyone nor expecting anything in return.I also know these people grow this stuff to make ends meet but geesh don’t put such a high price that is outrageous.

Here some theories I believe in-

If we eat healthier,less trips to the doctor,less money in their pockets.

If we grow our own means less trips in a vehicle means using less gas to get there.

We grow our own also means less taxes the states get,that will become a major issue I believe.

The more self suffienct we are as in not using electric,water,gas(heating and cooking)then these big companies lose money.Look at what happened to the major phone companies when we started using cell phones.

People are turning off their TVs and computers and not having anything to do with these companies.They are turning off their lights and going to solar panels,turning off their water and collecting it from rain or wells.Heating and cooking is coming from wood burning stoves and propane.See a trend here?Guess  what now they are catching on and saying,you have a wood burning stove?,not,you have to have an EPA standard one that burns less emissions and you have to dismantled your old one completely,yeah look it up.You can’t sell produce from your garden unless you file this paperwork “just in case someone gets sick from eating it”.They will know who sold it.Some places you are not really suppose to give food to friends and relatives.Right now propane is very high and most people use their stoves for heating or cooking.They have it like that you know.Water OMG please,some states won’t let you gather rain water because it DON”T BELONG TO YOU!How petty is that.Yeah we are in for a rude awakening.Makes you wonder when they come knocking on YOUR door and ask to see your water well or garden and try to fine you for what you have.

Basically the government needs you broke to depend on them but when everything is said and done who’s ass you think they are going to cover when a major disaster hits,YEP their own.


Good for us for standing up for ourselves and being an AMERICAN!

Fossil Earrings

Fossil Earrings

I made these fossil earrings for my next door neighbor.Her kids wanted something to give her so I suggested a pair.She really liked them and I was glad.

Beading My Way

I have never beaded with the trends.I bead my way,why?,because my creativity comes at different times with different ideas.I have done alot of beading in traditional Native American styles and some were what I call just in my head.If I can see it in my head I can usually get the beads to do what I want them to.As all things we do when we create something it has to come from an idea ,a vision.Yep thats me!

Made in the U.S.A.

I am a big believer in supporting local farmers and crafters(hi Katie) and people who are here in our country.I think we should all buy from within our America.It gives someone a chance to help not only theirselves but others in their community.Over many years and I mean many,I have  seen some people who were not only  talented but down right had a gift.If we want America to thrive keeping American made products here in the U.S. is our responsiblity by supporting our fellow Americans in their endevours.So next time you run across someone making  products,give them a chance and hey give a little extra if need be,look at how much it going to cost you if you buy from overseas.Support U.S.A. Products.Enough said!

And a mad dog

And a mad dog

He was happy to get home.This was his first long trip and he had fun but when he was ready to go home he wanted to be there already.He enjoyed the lake and sniffing all the new smells though.

Watch what you wish for -you might just get it

As some of you know we are NOT moving back home.The new tax rules will be keeping us here for another year.I’m not mad or upset,I really didn’t want to move back but it was a good idea at the time.Instead we are going to buy a new truck this week sometime because our old one is on it’s last leg.Some of you know how that is. Anyway we have to stay here to pay it off.But by this time next year or close to it we will move but not back east.I have been scouting out some property in New Mexico again and have found some possibilities.I have always wanted to move there near Albuquerque and want to see the balloon festival and the intertribal powwow.I also am looking forward to going to Santa Fe to the large market they have there.The truck we are looking at will come in handy when we get it.It will save a buttload on moving expense cause we are going to get a trailer to haul our stuff in.Rion(my dog) will have the back seat(it has cab space) to himself and I can’t wait til he gets to go places with us.He is sooo bored today poor thing,he loves to ride.Heck I want to go places too.Our little pickup has been good to us but it’s time to retire it.This week will be getting my pots ready to do some planting.We ordered a dwarf pear tree and have it coming sometime this week too.I’m going to get some tomatoe plants started and have no idea what else.We aren’t allowed here to plant a garden so anything I do plant has to go into pots.

I am very happy with the choice I have made,something was telling down deep no and I really try to listen what it’s saying.My family is a little disappointed I’m not coming home but they understand the reason.We will just have to do more on our own and learn as we go along.

Stone Wall To Native American Women

This is an amazing stone wall constructed single-handedly by a man named Tom Hendrix. His great great grandmother was a 14-year old Euchee Indian girl who was forcibly moved along with thousands of others to an Oklahoma reservation during the early 1800s. From the reservation she ran away and traveled alone all the way back to her homeland in North Alabama.


This is an amazing wall and when i get home i will go see Mr.Hendrix.I too have hendrix in my family genealogy and we think we may be related I hope.

Living in the South

1960s it was a time of racial conflict.In downtown Birmingham,I can remember signs posted “Whites Only” and “Blacks Only”.There were times we could’t go downtown or drive too far because of all the tensions. My daddy worked with a black man and he would come to our house and I would get up in his lap.My mother would tell to get down and tell me you don’t sit on a black mans lap.I liked my daddys friend.He would bring daddy home if he was too drunk and that happened quite a bit.I knew then how momma didn’t like blacks.She wanted to raise me that way but I didn’t want nothing to do with it when I got older.Daddy had a 1960 Ford Falcon,that was suppose to be my car when I got older but instead he turned it into a junk car.It was nice.It was black and I remember alot of trips we made to my aunts in Memphis and to Hamilton to see my grandparents.


1970s,wow what a time.Teenager and went nuts,ran away from home,done the drugs ,had a baby.The interstate 65 wasn’t even finished at that time.You could sit up at the Birmingham airport and watch the planes come in.They stopped all that now.Too many people were found dead in that spot.Use to hangout in Southside where all the “cool” people were.Yeah you know where that place is if you have ever been there.Partied too hard at times there.But it was fun.Moved to Lousianna and moved back so many times.I was so skinny back then lol!

1980s Moved to Florida,went home several times.I didn’t like Florida all that well.I was more of a country gal.Met my husband there and when we were bored we would go fishing in  the river,catch some crabs and shrimped.We still miss that part some.Heck free seafood,you can’t beat that.We had a hard time there.We just couldn’t get our act together so…..

1990s Yep we moved back to Alabama again.It got better after awhile,bought a house and it was a money pit but it wasn’t too bad.I didn’t mind Alabama too much but I had noticed all the changes Birmingham had went thru while I was gone.New stuff,old places gone.New places popping up.The interstate a madhouse!Anyone who has been thru there malfunction junction on interstate 65.Yep been there done that.What were they thinking when they put that thing in?

2000s Stayed for a few years and decided to get out of the city.A few problems came up and we moved to Mississippi,what a BIG mistake,long story don’t want to get into it.But we ended up going to California for a couple of months.I met a lady online and well once we were there we didn’t hit it off too well.We ended up coming to Texas and have been here for 5 years.5 nice years,I really have enjoyed it here but now it is getting expensive to live so guess where we are going?Yep back home to Alabama.Got land got a cabin gonna do the country thing finally.I think sometimes we have to spread our wings and fly but I also think we are always meant to go back home to rest.That’s the south for ya.

It’s been a good Day

After a sleepy weekend and under warm covers,it’s so hard to get out of bed.I keep my bathroom door closed to keep the bedroom warmed up.if you have ever lived in a mobile home you know the walls are thin and a rental is worse.We picked up some more boxes so this week, I got to get busy doing some more packing.I’ve been sifting thru useful and not useful stuff.Since we have been here I have been buying mostly useful stuff we can use.O.K. not to include my beads I caught on sale or the DVDs or the dog toys but they are for his amusement .

I have decided after much thought that we are going to NOT do a traditional kitchen.Check this out-I want to use old but good WOODEN furniture and redo the furniture  for the kitchen.I seen a kitchen sink set in an old dresser.Hows that for convience?I fell in love with it.So when we get home I told my sister-in-law about that and she knows a place we can go to for just that! We’re going to put our own shelves up and either paint them or stain them(haven’t decided that yet).Until we pay the cabin off I wanted a more portable type kitchen where I can remove these things and use them again if I have to.Really you never know how things are gonna go.We are giving ourselves three years to do what we need to do.It will take that long to pay the cabin off(hence portable stuff)and get the garden going good with some of the property cleared off.It will be good I know it.I had even mentioned about building another small cabin too.It would be useful for a crafting place or just a santuary.

It has been cold and for all you who are having snow please be careful if you have to get out in it.I found out they were having an ice storm in Alabama and I haven’t seen one there since “81”.Wow my brother said it was hanging off the trees.That’s cold.We haven’t had any snow to speak of here in west central Texas,not yet and I hope now we don’t get any.We got just a few weeks before we leave.I am happy about the progress we have made getting this property and cabin,it’s almost like we are meant to go back home.Just as well i had looked all over Texas and found nothing,well somethings but the land I found was too close to the border for my taste.I didn’t like that at all..So home it is and hard work ahead.Hubstead is looking forward to getting some off time even if he will be working on the property.He is still not sure of what to do but I told him once we get our  rythm going with what we are doing it will get better.So he is up beat about it.Just not looking forward to that long ride.Orion has never been in a vehicle that long and we’ll probably have to make alot of stops lol.

So that’s been the outlook around our house lately.I can’t wait to see brother and have him around more.

Belt Buckle


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