Al La Natural Posts

One of my favorite things to do on here is read peoples post on their first homesteads and how they make it work.I absolutely love the down to earth,get in the mud ,do it yourself blogs.And looking at the pictures are special,why? because I see people who live just a normal life and with normal problems.I’ve seen people who have torn up an old farmhouse and is slowly(I mean slowly)working on it even one piece at a time.Much like what we are going to have to do.Nothing fancy but oh so creative in their decorating. I love it! The excitement of them doing something theirselves and feeling proud of doing it.I like watching peoples gardens come together and watch it grow along with them,seeing  them construct the pieces of their homes/cabins.The food that you all cook looks so good,I gain weight every time I see it lol.This is the knid of life we were all meant to live on this earth and I want to thankyou for sharing it with me!When we get to our homestead I’ll post pictures along the way and show our progress.It will be a little while though because I don’t know how long we will be without internet.


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