Happy New Year

I know I don’t blog on here enough and I’m still learning my way around word press but I’ll get the hang of it.I have a blog on blog spot but some like it here too so I’m up for it.This year has been a flurry of trying to find that right piece of property and talking to people and making plans.All we are doing now is just waiting this winter out a bit and we are moving in March if the weather will let us.I have always dreamed about having a cabin in the woods and now finally it’s come true.I had to wait all these years for it and glad I did.It has been a very bumpy ride but I will be glad to get off the road now.I have a dog/wolf named Orion and he’s part of our “pack”.He not very friendly with other peope but that’s expected for his breed.He has made a great watch hound.I have been married for 27 years and now my hubstead can finally take some time off and work around the homestead.We want to become self suffiencent in two to three years and it is looking good so far.Everything we want to do can be done where we are going.So there is a little about what is going on,I’ll try to keep up until we leave.I will be taking pictures and writing down what all we do so maybe it will help others too.

Have a Happy New Year!



  1. January 22, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    I wish you much luck in your move. Self sufficiant, sounds wonderful. Will be following your posts.

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