He doesn’t know what’s in store for him once we get him out in the country! He’s never seen a squirrel or a deer,or any other kind of critter.He’s been in a small yard and now he will have a large yard to run in.This is something I can’t wait to see.I know he will be happier and healthier too.We got him from a lady in Hamlin Texas and her daughter heard these puppies whimpering in a den,yes a den.And when she pulled them out he was one of them.The lady took them to the vet and the vet said it looked like he had wolf in him.So we weren’t going to get another dog but I was so lonely with the hubstead working nights, I (me,myself and I)decided to call about him and the lady even brought him down to me,that was nice of her I thought.When she brought him out I was shocked.Poor thing had a case of mange and I was stunned.But he looked so sweet and I brought him home.I woke up hubstead and told him what I did and the only thing he said when he saw him,besides the groaning of oh really, was”he’s gonna look better won’t he?”We had to take him to the vet and after alot of medicine he turned out gorgeous!So Orion gets to start new with us in the country and I know he will love it!


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