It’s been a good Day

After a sleepy weekend and under warm covers,it’s so hard to get out of bed.I keep my bathroom door closed to keep the bedroom warmed up.if you have ever lived in a mobile home you know the walls are thin and a rental is worse.We picked up some more boxes so this week, I got to get busy doing some more packing.I’ve been sifting thru useful and not useful stuff.Since we have been here I have been buying mostly useful stuff we can use.O.K. not to include my beads I caught on sale or the DVDs or the dog toys but they are for his amusement .

I have decided after much thought that we are going to NOT do a traditional kitchen.Check this out-I want to use old but good WOODEN furniture and redo the furniture  for the kitchen.I seen a kitchen sink set in an old dresser.Hows that for convience?I fell in love with it.So when we get home I told my sister-in-law about that and she knows a place we can go to for just that! We’re going to put our own shelves up and either paint them or stain them(haven’t decided that yet).Until we pay the cabin off I wanted a more portable type kitchen where I can remove these things and use them again if I have to.Really you never know how things are gonna go.We are giving ourselves three years to do what we need to do.It will take that long to pay the cabin off(hence portable stuff)and get the garden going good with some of the property cleared off.It will be good I know it.I had even mentioned about building another small cabin too.It would be useful for a crafting place or just a santuary.

It has been cold and for all you who are having snow please be careful if you have to get out in it.I found out they were having an ice storm in Alabama and I haven’t seen one there since “81”.Wow my brother said it was hanging off the trees.That’s cold.We haven’t had any snow to speak of here in west central Texas,not yet and I hope now we don’t get any.We got just a few weeks before we leave.I am happy about the progress we have made getting this property and cabin,it’s almost like we are meant to go back home.Just as well i had looked all over Texas and found nothing,well somethings but the land I found was too close to the border for my taste.I didn’t like that at all..So home it is and hard work ahead.Hubstead is looking forward to getting some off time even if he will be working on the property.He is still not sure of what to do but I told him once we get our  rythm going with what we are doing it will get better.So he is up beat about it.Just not looking forward to that long ride.Orion has never been in a vehicle that long and we’ll probably have to make alot of stops lol.

So that’s been the outlook around our house lately.I can’t wait to see brother and have him around more.


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  1. January 25, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    sounds like a terrific kitchen plan!

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