Living in the South

1960s it was a time of racial conflict.In downtown Birmingham,I can remember signs posted “Whites Only” and “Blacks Only”.There were times we could’t go downtown or drive too far because of all the tensions. My daddy worked with a black man and he would come to our house and I would get up in his lap.My mother would tell to get down and tell me you don’t sit on a black mans lap.I liked my daddys friend.He would bring daddy home if he was too drunk and that happened quite a bit.I knew then how momma didn’t like blacks.She wanted to raise me that way but I didn’t want nothing to do with it when I got older.Daddy had a 1960 Ford Falcon,that was suppose to be my car when I got older but instead he turned it into a junk car.It was nice.It was black and I remember alot of trips we made to my aunts in Memphis and to Hamilton to see my grandparents.


1970s,wow what a time.Teenager and went nuts,ran away from home,done the drugs ,had a baby.The interstate 65 wasn’t even finished at that time.You could sit up at the Birmingham airport and watch the planes come in.They stopped all that now.Too many people were found dead in that spot.Use to hangout in Southside where all the “cool” people were.Yeah you know where that place is if you have ever been there.Partied too hard at times there.But it was fun.Moved to Lousianna and moved back so many times.I was so skinny back then lol!

1980s Moved to Florida,went home several times.I didn’t like Florida all that well.I was more of a country gal.Met my husband there and when we were bored we would go fishing in  the river,catch some crabs and shrimped.We still miss that part some.Heck free seafood,you can’t beat that.We had a hard time there.We just couldn’t get our act together so…..

1990s Yep we moved back to Alabama again.It got better after awhile,bought a house and it was a money pit but it wasn’t too bad.I didn’t mind Alabama too much but I had noticed all the changes Birmingham had went thru while I was gone.New stuff,old places gone.New places popping up.The interstate a madhouse!Anyone who has been thru there malfunction junction on interstate 65.Yep been there done that.What were they thinking when they put that thing in?

2000s Stayed for a few years and decided to get out of the city.A few problems came up and we moved to Mississippi,what a BIG mistake,long story don’t want to get into it.But we ended up going to California for a couple of months.I met a lady online and well once we were there we didn’t hit it off too well.We ended up coming to Texas and have been here for 5 years.5 nice years,I really have enjoyed it here but now it is getting expensive to live so guess where we are going?Yep back home to Alabama.Got land got a cabin gonna do the country thing finally.I think sometimes we have to spread our wings and fly but I also think we are always meant to go back home to rest.That’s the south for ya.


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  1. February 1, 2013 at 1:57 am

    Liked reading your history. Never been to Alabama, but born in TN and spent my summers there. Grew-up in Detroit. Was never happy there and always thought I would move to TN but the job situation didn’t have any promise.Ended up in Phoenix for 15 years then in ’88 moved to the Great Northwest, Eastern WA. This is probably where I will spend my senior years. It is quiet and beautiful. But my heritage is still in the South even though all my family there are gone.

    Wish you well in your move. Enjoy the country. Nothing can beat the room to breathe.

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