Watch what you wish for -you might just get it

As some of you know we are NOT moving back home.The new tax rules will be keeping us here for another year.I’m not mad or upset,I really didn’t want to move back but it was a good idea at the time.Instead we are going to buy a new truck this week sometime because our old one is on it’s last leg.Some of you know how that is. Anyway we have to stay here to pay it off.But by this time next year or close to it we will move but not back east.I have been scouting out some property in New Mexico again and have found some possibilities.I have always wanted to move there near Albuquerque and want to see the balloon festival and the intertribal powwow.I also am looking forward to going to Santa Fe to the large market they have there.The truck we are looking at will come in handy when we get it.It will save a buttload on moving expense cause we are going to get a trailer to haul our stuff in.Rion(my dog) will have the back seat(it has cab space) to himself and I can’t wait til he gets to go places with us.He is sooo bored today poor thing,he loves to ride.Heck I want to go places too.Our little pickup has been good to us but it’s time to retire it.This week will be getting my pots ready to do some planting.We ordered a dwarf pear tree and have it coming sometime this week too.I’m going to get some tomatoe plants started and have no idea what else.We aren’t allowed here to plant a garden so anything I do plant has to go into pots.

I am very happy with the choice I have made,something was telling down deep no and I really try to listen what it’s saying.My family is a little disappointed I’m not coming home but they understand the reason.We will just have to do more on our own and learn as we go along.



  1. Kelly said,

    February 8, 2013 at 2:09 am

    You have to admit, though, there’s nothing like a beautiful blue Alabama sky. Good luck with all you do.

    • February 8, 2013 at 8:28 am

      Yes it is and the hills there are too.But I have fell in love with the southwest so this is where I’ll stay.

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