Sunrise Texas Style!



Orion(Baby pic)

Orion(Baby pic)

Poor thing lol thats a face only a mommy can love and I DO.He is however severely afraid of loud noises.We think he was hearing hunters with guns.



My baby. and no scars.


He doesn’t know what’s in store for him once we get him out in the country! He’s never seen a squirrel or a deer,or any other kind of critter.He’s been in a small yard and now he will have a large yard to run in.This is something I can’t wait to see.I know he will be happier and healthier too.We got him from a lady in Hamlin Texas and her daughter heard these puppies whimpering in a den,yes a den.And when she pulled them out he was one of them.The lady took them to the vet and the vet said it looked like he had wolf in him.So we weren’t going to get another dog but I was so lonely with the hubstead working nights, I (me,myself and I)decided to call about him and the lady even brought him down to me,that was nice of her I thought.When she brought him out I was shocked.Poor thing had a case of mange and I was stunned.But he looked so sweet and I brought him home.I woke up hubstead and told him what I did and the only thing he said when he saw him,besides the groaning of oh really, was”he’s gonna look better won’t he?”We had to take him to the vet and after alot of medicine he turned out gorgeous!So Orion gets to start new with us in the country and I know he will love it!

A Good Day!

Yes!The cabin people are going to send me the paperwork and work with us on the
cabin.I am so thrilled.I told the lady that it took a ton of worries off

To catch up,we didn’t know if we had to wait to get there to do the
paperwork.We wouldn’t of had no place to stay with Orion if that
happened.Camping out would of been the only option.So now we can get the
paperwork early and fill it out and put the down payment on it and it will be
waiting for us when we get there.YAH!Something is telling me that I am meant to
go back home.

So happy is what happy does.I am going to have a good
Monday,hope your Monday is great!

Beaded cuff bracelet

Beaded cuff bracelet

I am a sucker for these things and I still have more to make.This one is mine and it’s like a watch,I wear it every where.The design is ny own.I sit and doodle some of these designs out on paper then transfer them over to my bead software.


Life in Reverse

I’m not the best writer in the world,I have my “moments” of clarity and alot of times it takes me a minute to catch on to things but I don’t miss too much.I have been blogging for a few months now and I read anything that has to do with homesteading and self reliance or gardening.Some times a thought hits me in the form of  sorting crap out in my brain.Since this is going on with all the things I have read on here I have come to the conclusion on something.We are in reverse with our way of life.


When our ancestors came here from across the ocean,they had a dream of living free and some brought their crops(grape vines) with them to plant in the new world.They had a dream of working their land and growing crops to feed their families.Soon as always progress prevailed and villages became towns,towns became cities and “someone” decided laws and regulations.Progress has to happen but it has gotten so corrupt and futile to fight anymore.So here we are going back to the land and wanting what our ancestors had.To have a farm and raise a family and grow crops and have animals.I find this ironic that before if you had a farm or had to raise your our crops and do things yourself,you were considered poor,what are millions of Americans doing now? It is considered now a fullfilling way of life and getting back to basics.Loving the moments you and nature have together.I find this beautiful and something that more people need to do.It’s not the money aspect even though that helps,it’s that underlying feeling you get when you want to say to hell with the world,I’m going to just do it.I know what is good for my soul and God knows too.You know the only difference between now and then?We have better access to medical help than they did back then.Who knew?

Happy New Year

I know I don’t blog on here enough and I’m still learning my way around word press but I’ll get the hang of it.I have a blog on blog spot but some like it here too so I’m up for it.This year has been a flurry of trying to find that right piece of property and talking to people and making plans.All we are doing now is just waiting this winter out a bit and we are moving in March if the weather will let us.I have always dreamed about having a cabin in the woods and now finally it’s come true.I had to wait all these years for it and glad I did.It has been a very bumpy ride but I will be glad to get off the road now.I have a dog/wolf named Orion and he’s part of our “pack”.He not very friendly with other peope but that’s expected for his breed.He has made a great watch hound.I have been married for 27 years and now my hubstead can finally take some time off and work around the homestead.We want to become self suffiencent in two to three years and it is looking good so far.Everything we want to do can be done where we are going.So there is a little about what is going on,I’ll try to keep up until we leave.I will be taking pictures and writing down what all we do so maybe it will help others too.

Have a Happy New Year!

Al La Natural Posts

One of my favorite things to do on here is read peoples post on their first homesteads and how they make it work.I absolutely love the down to earth,get in the mud ,do it yourself blogs.And looking at the pictures are special,why? because I see people who live just a normal life and with normal problems.I’ve seen people who have torn up an old farmhouse and is slowly(I mean slowly)working on it even one piece at a time.Much like what we are going to have to do.Nothing fancy but oh so creative in their decorating. I love it! The excitement of them doing something theirselves and feeling proud of doing it.I like watching peoples gardens come together and watch it grow along with them,seeing  them construct the pieces of their homes/cabins.The food that you all cook looks so good,I gain weight every time I see it lol.This is the knid of life we were all meant to live on this earth and I want to thankyou for sharing it with me!When we get to our homestead I’ll post pictures along the way and show our progress.It will be a little while though because I don’t know how long we will be without internet.

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